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iMP Modular Placers
iMP Modular Placer with Single Head & 128 feeder capacity & flying vision. Includes 12 month warranty and free software upgrades for life.£29,950
8mm High Resolution Intelligent Tape Feeder£295
12mm Intelligent Tape Feeder£335
16mm Intelligent Tape Feeder£365
24mm Intelligent Tape Feeder£415
32mm Intelligent Tape Feeder£450
44mm Intelligent Tape Feeder£495
56mm Intelligent Tape Feeder£POA
72mm Intelligent Tape Feeder£POA
Single Lane Intelligent Stick Feeder£250
PCB Corner Support Block£70
PCB Edge Support Block£50
PCB Underside Support£30
N03 0.3mm Nozzle£35
N045 0.45mm Nozzle£35
N06 0.6mm Nozzle£35
N08 0.8mm Nozzle£35
N14 1.4mm Nozzle£35
N24 2.4mm Nozzle£35
N40 4mm Nozzle£35