We’re a small company. Most of our customers are small companies. We really do understand the demands and constraints that small businesses face when considering the purchase, operation and ultimately return on investment, of a low volume surface mount assembly line.

We understand the importance of us being there to support you when you need it and if that means the occasional half hour phone call after office hours on a friday night then so be it. We’re only human and like everybody else, sometimes we get it wrong, but hopefully our existing customers would agree that we always strive to go above and beyond to provide the best customer experience we can.

We’re not trying to reinvert the wheel, just trying to do things a little differently within the industry. We’re a group of like-minded engineers that are passionate about delivering the easiest to use, most reliable and most affordable pick and place machines in their class.

Our team has a diverse background in mechanical engineering, advanced manufacturing, electronic engineering and mission critical software development.

We believe in constant development and frequent releases.

You will never find our machines being sold by shiny suit salesman.

Our Mission is to make in-house electronics assembly profitable and enjoyable.